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Why does my son throw tantrums only when he's with me?

Q: My 6-year-old son is a quick learner, he grasps things very quickly and he loves to learn karate and watching action movies. He doesn't like to read and does not have friends, as there are no children of his age in our area. They treat him like a kid and do not play with him due to which he beats them. He is the only son. When at a relative's house, he is very obedient. My relatives say that he is well behaved and shows tantrums only when I am around. Please advise.

A:Your son is an intelligent child as he is doing well at studies orally, but he doesn't like reading and writing. Try to talk with his teacher to understand the exact nature of the problem. Is the teacher too strict, or does she compare him with other children? Consult the school counsellor if you are not able to identify the problem. The fact that he is well-behaved at relatives homes shows that you need to change the way you handle him at home. An only child can be either pampered a lot or on the contrary parents may have high expectations and be very strict with the child. Try to understand your own behaviour with him. Children by nature are playful and do not want to study. Try to make him interested in different subjects. Praise him when he does homework on his own or writes well. Try not to compare him or criticise him or even label him in a negative way. Encourage his strengths and be patient with his problems.


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