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Why does my son sleep in class and perform poorly in studies?

Q: I have a 15 years old boy. During the day he sleeps in class and at night speaks while sleeping. He is in a boarding school and is doing poorly in studies . He is otherwise well. His poor performance in studies is embarrassing for us; what could be the reason? Does he need any counseling or any other treatment?

A:There is certainly a need to find out why your son sleeps in class and talks in his sleep. Since he is in Boarding School, you might talk to his school authorities, teachers and Warden for more information about him. Please try and see an experienced doctor, Psychologist or Counselor, who will be able to help you to decide why the boy sleeps in class. There could be many reasons for the same. Do not just feel embarrassed with poor performance in studies. Think of your child as a person, rather than only as a student. Talk to him too. Then make a decision about the next course of action. Do try and get some professional advice for your son.


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