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Why does my son refuse to go to play school?

Q: My child is 35 months old & is not ready to go to the nursery school. He went for 15 days but he cries daily & vomits in the school. He became very weak, so I did not send him for 1 month. But now he says that he won’t go to school. Please give me some tips to help him to go to school. He is very attached to me, as we stay in Dubai & no one is there at home. He does not want to leave me & go anywhere else.

A:Surely, your son did not like the Nursery school. He is not ready for an experience like school. Maybe he found it very unpleasant. You must find out more details, before you send him again. Perhaps, you could send him six months later. In this six month period, you could buy him toys and picture books and children's music and make a preschool- like environment at home talk to him and give him the idea that if he is good, he can go to a school where he will meet many other children of his age. Learning to separate from the mother for short periods is also one of the tasks of growing up. Give him a chance to make that choice without forcing his pace.


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