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Why does my son play with only one type of toy?

Q: My son is 3 years old and is playing only with cars and vehicles especially container lorry. I have advised him to use other types of toys too but he doesn't like any. When we go to a toy shop, he picks only container lorry sort of toys. Kindly advise, how can I change this and make him play with other toys?

A:If your son shows a preference for one kind of toy, what is the reason to change it? After some time, he will naturally shift his interests and his choice of play object. Let the process be gradual and of his choice. You could read out stories to him and play simple games that he enjoys. According to an ancient text (Kashyapa Samhita), parents were traditionally exposing the child to different types of play objects. When the child picked one of them, they took it as a sign of his future career. We may not need to draw such a conclusion, of course. But let him decide when he wants to change.


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