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Why does my son not speak to anyone in his class?

Q: My son is 8 years old and studying in the 3rd standard. He is not very active. He doesn't mingle with his classmates. He always does his work alone. He doesn't speak or reply properly to his teacher as well. He takes an hour to complete a single page homework. We are worried about his behaviour. What should we do?

A:Since I do not know where you live, I am unable to suggest anyone by name. Your child needs to see a Psychologist or Counsellor, if such a person is accessible. Since your son is eight years old, the problems that you refer to, must have been developing gradually. If he was different earlier and has now become aloof, it could be a matter of concern. One would then have to look for the cause in the recent experiences of the child. If, on the other hand, he has always been something of a loner, there is no need for sadness on your part. Each child has a temperament, which may be different from the others. Perhaps the Psychologist could test him for his mental ability as well. The schoolwork that he is required to do should be set at the pace suitable to his working ability. A physician may not be able to give you the kind of advice that you require. After you have consulted the experts, you may need to change his school. But take it as it comes and treat your child as a person who has come into your life. Give him the best possible school and home environment, taking his ability into account.


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