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Why does my son keep screaming and crying all the time?

Q: My 2-year-old son is the youngest of the 3 children I have. He has always been demanding. But ever since he turned 2 he has become worse. He screams and cries all through the day. If he wants juice, he will scream for it over and over, and become louder as he gets close to me. If I am on the phone or working on the computer, he will grab my face and make me look at him. But if I tell him to hold on, he screams even louder. Every door has to be closed at all times otherwise he keeps screaming "door, door" until it's shut. Sometimes I think he has OCD. He is horrified of bugs. The other day I had to put him in the front seat of the car because he kept crying "bug" while seated in the back seat. But there wasn't any bug around. He refuses to sleep in his room, but if I put him in his bed, he vomits. Please advise. He is the sweetest of all 3 of my children. He's loving and affectionate, but he's driving me crazy.

A:It is better to try and find out why your child gets upset than to treat it as a behavioural problem. For this, you may need to see a Psychologist or a Counsellor. It seems to me that the child has had some experience, which has scared him (even a horrible TV programme could have done it) or that he has become sensitive to certain things. I cannot put a label on it with the amount of information you have given. He obviously has a low toleration for frustration. So instead of letting him scream, it might be better to attend to his needs, till he gets better. If he is affectionate and sweet as you say, find out what has happened to make him so demanding. Deal with all issues gently, not as if the child is in a court of law. Do consult a suitable expert in your area.


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