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Why does my son have persistent low-grade fever?

Q: My 4 years old son has persistent low-grade fever. He was initially up to 103 to 104 for the first two days then it tapered down to 100 to 100.5. It has been hovering here for over a week. I have taken him to the doctor but there is no ear infection. The Pediatrician does not seem to be interested and told me to keep an eye on him. He is tired all the time, doesn't eat very well and is cranky. He has had a swollen lymph node behind his ear. At that time a chest x-ray and blood work was done and all came back normal. This was done because the doctor had said maybe he could have had lymphoma! I am really confused with the whole ordeal and would like any input you can give me? Thank you so much.

A:Viral fever is the most common cause of fever. In case of viral fever, usually fever comes back to normal by one week. If your child has fever persisting beyond one week he needs to be investigated. Before that he needs to be reviewed by a pediatrician who can examine him and decide regarding appropriate tests. As a parent you should start maintaining a temperature chart 6 hourly by recording his axillary temperature. Make sure you keep the thermometer for atleast 2-3 minutes before recording the temperature. Continue to give him extra fluids and offer a variety of nutritious foods keeping your child preference in mind.


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