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Why does my son have frequent stomachache?

Q: My son, 3 years 9 months old, keeps complaining of stomachache whenever he eats or drinks anything since the last 3 months. The doctors did an abdominal ultrasound, which showed a bowel condition but when the scan was repeated the next day, they couldn't find the same. So, they said that stomachache and the findings of the scan are not related and suspected gastric problems. He has no blood in his stools. Rarely, when he laughs or cries too much while eating food, he vomits but there is no blood in the vomit. He attends a play school and has a habit of drinking a lot of milk (roughly 1 litre/day). Kindly advise as to why he gets the stomach pain so often. Tablets given to him till date are Omez and Dyrade. I am confused and request your kind advice.

A:Please cut down on his milk intake to not more than 400 - 500 ml/day. Excess lactose in milk can give rise to his symptoms and he will also get Iron deficiency anaemia with too much of milk. Encourage him to take cereals.


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