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Why does my son get very excited when guests are over?

Q: My son is nearly 3 and a half years old. He cries a lot during evening and speaks a lot at nights. He always wants to watch pogo channel and it is impossible for us to watch another channel. I have also noticed that, in the absence of his father, he never asks for him at all. Is this normal? When I beat him sometimes, he says that he'll complain to his father. He started speaking very late and can speak 2 languages now. He hates studying, but otherwise he is a very affectionate and normal. Do children normally get excited when a guest comes home? He loves playing with other children of his age. He has a wheezing problem and refuses to take ice cream or chocolate and says that says that mummy I will get a cold. Is this quite normal?

A:Children are sensitive to family interactions. Is the father absent for long periods? Has there been bonding between father and son? Are there arguments or conflicts between you and your husband, especially in the evenings, which make him feel insecure? Speaking a lot at night could be due to anxiety dreams. It is normal to be excited when guests come. Guests may be a signal for him that he will not be forced or scolded so he may be relieved and happy! It is also normal not to want to study. He seems to be an intelligent child who is careful about what he eats so that he doesn't fall ill. From details provided by you, it seems that you are rather pushy and force him to do things. Perhaps you were critical of him when he spoke late. Beating him or forcing him to study or watch a certain channel will only lead to resentment in him. Instead it would be better to praise him for his positive efforts and provide a calm, loving and secure environment at home.


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