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Why does my son feel pain in the kidney after taking meals?

Q: My 28 years old son feels pain in the kidney after taking meals for the last five days and after passing stools, the pain goes off. However, the pain is subsiding day by day with the use of lemon and ginger. His ultrasound report stated – kidneys - both kidneys are normal in size and echotexture. Corticomedullary differentiation is maintained. Bilateral pelvicalyceal system fullness, which reduces in post micturation scan - extra renal pelvis. IVP report: pelvicalyceal system is normal with no evidence of calyceal blunting/filling effect/double density shadow. Extra renal pelvis is seen in both kidneys. Is it a serious problem? Is there any natural remedy for this? Please advise.

A:Review of history doesn’t reflect any correlation between the “kidney pain” and intake of meal. Imaging tests of kidneys and the ureter does not reveal any evidence of obstruction in the urinary tract system. Your son does have bilateral extra renal pelvis, (a part of urinary draining system between the kidneys and the ureter) which is a normal anatomic variant since birth. Unless the imaging studies reveal the swelling/obstruction of the tract system at the time of the pain in the referred area on the back, it is unlikely to have any relation.


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