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Why does my son cry when dealt with harshly?

Q: I have two sons. The elder son is 3 years and 9 months old. He cries a lot if he is not able to do something, for example, when he is not able to hold something properly. He gets angry when somebody especially a family member says no to him with even a slightly harsh tone. What should I do and how should I deal with him in these situations?

A:From your very brief query, I am trying to construct the problem that you may have felt. Since the arrival of the younger child, it is possible that your older son felt a little neglected. This happens commonly and parents have to make that extra attempt to include the older one in their circle. You older child also needs to be cuddled and held close. Probably, when he drops something, he is scolded. So he anticipates a scolding and cries even when he cannot hold an object properly. I am not clear what you mean by bad behaviour. Every child also has a sense of self and will be sensitive to approval and disapproval of the adults around him. This in itself is not a problem. Make sure that he gets nutritious food and about 12 hours of sleep. Give him assurance that he is loved by you. Other things will fall into place if the basics are sure.


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