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Why does my son cry and scream every morning?

Q: My 2.7-year-old son seems to be suffering from some behavioural problem. On getting up in the morning, before going to the school, he starts crying loudly, screams, and hits everyone, says all negative things such as “I want to hit everybody, I want to go in the dark room, papa don't wear glasses, I want to go to outside” and other similar things. He screams his lungs out till his voice starts cracking. We have also tried to ignore him so he finishes his tantrums but it does not help, he does not want milk or anything at that point of time, we have to divert his mind by letting him watch TV and then it takes us about an hour to put him back to sleep. How do I tackle my child?

A:If your son is 2 years and 7 months old, why is he going to school? At the most, he should attend a play centre for a couple of hours. Since you have given me information about the child when he wakes up, you have left me wondering if he is different for the rest of the day. I think you need to take your child for a full physical check up before concluding that he has a behaviour problem. You must tell the physician what the child does the whole day, what he eats, when and how many hours he sleeps and how much TV he watches. Everything that happens to him will have some part in what he does. Please be more transparent with the children's doctor you meet and take the child to a Psychologist only on the advice of a Paediatrician.


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