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Why does my son bite other children?

Q: My son is 2.5 years old. Whenever we are socialising or visiting a mall/market he reacts very strangely to some children. He goes, gets hold of that child and bites his/her cheek or other body part. Sometimes, he says he will kiss the baby but eventually does just the opposite. We are very worried for him. We dread thinking about what will happen when he starts going to school.

A:You will have to restrain your son and prevent him from touching other children. Otherwise, it could become quite a problem. In some countries, you as adult care givers could be sued if the child does some harm to another child. Buy him a special doll or teddy bear that he can bash up, kiss or hug as he likes. Other children are not playthings. Give him lots of activities where he uses up his energy. Be very strict with him when he attempts to bite a child. Give him apples and other crisp things to eat, but avoid Cola drinks. If the behaviour continues, try and see a psychologist in your area, who can guide you.


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