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Why does my son behave violently with other children?

Q: My son is 2 and a half years old. At times, he behaves very differently. Once he went to play foot ball, but when other children came to play with him, he purposely threw the ball in the bushes, so that no one could take the ball. This has happened 3-4 times. Also, when we have guests at home, he tries to harm their children, by biting them, stamping there feet, throwing sand on their head or just hitting with a toy on the head. I am very worried about his violent outbursts. Please advise.

A:Your child does seem to have a problem about sharing his toys or space with others. Some of it is age-related. He will improve in a few months. Nevertheless, he seems to have very physical ways of expressing himself. You will have to spend more time with him, talking to him and encouraging him to express himself in words. He should be rewarded with praise and hugs when he does behave well. If the problems continue, you could try and see a Psychologist, to assure yourself that his behaviour is within socially acceptable limits. Teach him that all games are more enjoyable when played with other children.


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