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Why does my seven-year-old son worry excessively?

Q: My seven years old son worries a lot. He is always bothered about whether he is carrying all the books to school or not, whether he has finished his homework or not etc. At times, we tell him to relax and to take things lightly but he is always worrying about something like what will happen if the petrol finishes in the car etc. He even asks things like are you sure tomorrow is holiday? How can I make him more relaxed in life and how can I teach him not to take things so seriously?

A:It is surprising that a seven year old is worrying about everything. Usually, children imitate one or both of the parents or some older person like a grandfather, so first make sure that the parents are not providing him a model of anxiety. Of course, children have different temperaments, ranging over a wide spectrum, as much as adults do. The parents are in the best position to not let him yield to his imaginary fears and problems. Have you checked out if his class teacher is very strict and exacting? How does he behave at school? Increase the time for his outdoor play. Reduce the time of TV watching. Avoid readymade snacks and Cola drinks. Do not let the child watch TV and movies, which are not suitable for young children. Find out if he has a special talent or interest in music, fine arts or crafts, clay modelling or toy making. Give him chances to be playing quietly.


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