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Why does my niece have a high bilirubin level?

Q: I am worried about my niece's health who is 16 years old. She has high bilirubin levels and her skin too is turning yellowish. I do not know the exact bilirubin level. She has stomach pain and has been vomiting. She had an ultrasound done and the doctors said her liver was rough. She was found negative for hepatitis and no stone was found in her bile duct or bladder. What is wrong with her? What are the treatments possible? Could you please provide some information for her?

A:It would appear that your niece has hepatitis which is infective in nature. Usually it is a self limiting disease and she should be feeling better in 7-10 days time. The signs of recovery are usually return of appetite. Later only does the yellowness resolve. There is no specific treatment but she should do the following: 1. Take rest 2. Take plenty of sugars and avoid fatty foods 3. Take multivitamins If the condition does not show improvement in 7 days, she should be seen by a doctor again.


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