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Why does my mother have a dry tongue with ulcers?

Q: My mother is suffering from dry tongue from the past few days. She has a crack in the middle of her tongue and mouth ulcers which have turned into a white layer. She complains of a dry tongue very often. The sides of the tongue are also affected by ulcers. Please help.

A:From your description, there seems to be glossitis (inflammation of the tongue), along with apthous ulcers, and the whitish layering could be fungal infection. She needs to be on long term Vitamin B + Zinc tablets, and for now, an antibiotic steroid ointment like Kanecort, an anti fungal ointment like Candid or Mycoban, and after being seen, possibly a systemic anti fungal tablet. Along with Povidone Iodine gargles.


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