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Why does my husband not value education?

Q: My husband is a workaholic but surprisingly does not give important to education. Being a son of illiterate parents, he and my in-laws think hard work is more important. They do not allow servants to work at home. This adversely affects my children since he does worry about their daily homework. How can children cope in this competitive world without having a good academic record? Please advise.

A:It is true that any extreme view-point is not healthy. But it is also a fact that attitudes differ between people in a single home! You as a mother would surely be able to inculcate desirable attitudes towards education in your children. You should do your best and not try to change the other adults, as it would only create resentment. As the children grow up, they will analyse for themselves that education is important and will work hard. If you think it is possible, try to meet a family therapist for suggestions and interventions.


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