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Why does my daughter want to be a boy?

Q: My four years old daughter is very bright, bubbly and talkative with exceptional memory and power to fantasise. She is highly inclined towards Hindu mythology. My father narrates her stories of Ramayana, and Hindu deities like hanumana, ganesha etc. Off late, we have been observing a change in her behaviour. Due to the male dominant mythological stories, she has started idolising them and always wants to be a boy instead of a girl. Even when she is playing with her friends, she always chooses to be a male character. We have tried to make her understand through various methods but in vain. At first, we ignored it thinking it as a temporary phase but she is just getting deeper into this, which is making us worry. She feels that boys are better and powerful than girls. How do we tackle this problem?

A:I think its normal to admire and identify with heroic characters. Your father should also tell the child stories of Satya Bhama who drove the chariot when Krishna felt dizzy and who managed to kill Narakasura or the story of Savitri who took on the god of Death himself in an argument and won it. Possibly, you should also take on the role of storyteller some of the time. The child will outgrow this phase, of course. Teach your child some games at which she can excel. Then she will want to be a champion, not necessarily a male champion. If she is inclined, she could also begin an interest in classical music and dance.


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