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Why does my daughter start crying when the school bell rings?

Q: My 3.6 years old daughter is very adamant; particularly when it comes to the things she wants to have. She pulls our hair and pinches us in the middle of the night when we sleeping. She refuses to go to the school and cries everyday. She even doesn't want the school to ring the bell and gets really annoyed when the school bell rings and starts crying. We never speak to her rudely. Her teachers at school tells us that she grasps everything at once but when asked to tell it again, she starts behaving rudely with them. She is very fussy eater too and is hyper active. How do I tackle my child?

A:Your daughter seems sensitive to noise (the school bell) and insensitive to how others feel (pinching and pulling your hair when you are asleep). I would advise you to consult a specialist in children's problems. If she is a fussy eater, she is probably underweight and under-nourished as well and that could also add to the problem behaviour. Check her diet and make sure it does not include fried snacks bought in a shop. Avoid all cola drinks. Cut down TV watching. Do not shout at her but show her what behaviour should be avoided. Be firm with her and consistent in your rules. Speak clearly when you are disciplining her and do so when she is sitting quietly with you and willing to listen. Play soft music and help her to quieten down before she sleeps. Consult a Psychologist who can give you practical advice.


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