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Why does my daughter react slowly to movements?

Q: My daughter is 65 days old. I have a doubt about her vision. Her reactions are slow but not fully functional. My elder daughter was very vigilant during this period. She is reacting to sounds and lights very well, but gives a very slow reaction when it comes to the movements. If I wave my hand, she reacts very slowly. Does this happen to kids during this time and her visual action will be restored as she grows. I am a bit disturbed by this. What measures or steps should I take to detect any defects if any? Please advise.

A:Infants vision is not fully developed at birth, and it takes many weeks for them to focus properly on any object. No two babies are alike so do not try to compare her with your elder child. Rather than worrying so much, it may be better to show her to an eye specialist to remove any doubts.


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