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Why does my daughter not concentrate on her studies?

Q: My daughter is 10 years old. One year back we changed her school and last year she was fine in her studies. But this year her marks have come down to single digits. She is in the sixth standard and is studying in a good school. She is good in other activities too like singing, dancing, playing with others. Her teachers says that she is very silent in school, does not disturb others, etc. but regarding studies all the teachers have a complaint that she does not concentrate and seems to be lost. She often complains of headache often. I recently got her CT scan and thyroid test done and the results were negative. We have tried talking to her but it didn't help.

A:You say that you have changed your daughter’s school one year ago. After that, she has not done well in her lessons. Surely you should study the school situation to locate the problem. A good school is often a term used for a school with good results in the final exam. Is it really a good school for your child? You should talk to her and listen to her carefully to find out whether anything has happened to upset her. She may be missing her friends from the previous years. Was the shifting of schools done in consultation with her? Did she have a choice? Does she know the reason for the change? If you still have a problem understanding your child's behaviour, please consult a psychologist or counsellor.


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