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Why does my daughter invert letters in a word while writing?

Q: My 7.5-year-old daughter, studying in class 3, has trouble concentrating on her studies and is unable to complete written work quickly. She gets distracted continuously, and her written work suffers greatly. She is not able to complete her class work in time. Also, till date she regularly writes "to" as "ot"; "of" as "fo"; etc. She knows the meanings and spellings, but while writing mostly ends up swapping the alphabet, such as "eagel" instead of "eagle". I have taught her to break up lengthy words such as "MIG-RAT-ORY", emphasising "rat" after "mig", etc. but that doesn't help in words such as "species". Is it just that she is plain lazy, not interested in studies, or is there some medical reason, such as diet / mental development, etc? Otherwise she is quite intelligent, has a good memory of events, loves to talk, day-dream, weave her own stories, etc. Her teachers insist that she's smart, not a slow learner, but just doesn't make any effort. To encourage her, she has been made a monitor, vice-captain, etc., is always given a part in skits (which she performs very well). She says she hates studies and envies her 2-year-old brother who is always playing! Please suggest how do I deal with this situation.

A:There is a condition called Dyslexia. Children who are dyslexic tend to laterally invert the letters in a word as given in the letter. They are also slow at writing. They are often misunderstood by parents and teachers to be plain lazy. This is a condition that can be treated with a little professional help. In the metropolitan cities, there are specialists in Dyslexia, the addresses of which will normally be available in the telephone directory. A sympathetic teacher should be able to help her, in the absence of an expert in Dyslexia. Please remember her strengths and talents while you are dealing with her specific problem.


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