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Why does my daughter have such frequent stomach aches?

Q: My 17 years old daughter had severe abdominal pain 2 years ago. It was due to gangrenous appendix with fecolith and in emergency, a surgery was done by opening the abdominal area. Colonoscopy and barium test were done after a month to check for any other problem; but nothing was found. She recovered well after the surgery and led a normal life; but she again had severe abdominal pain 6 months after the surgery. X-Ray showed an intestinal blockage, for which she was hospitalised and treated. A few months later, she complained of the same pain again and vomited frequently. She was hospitalised and treated for the same, but intestinal blockage did not open this time. Therefore, a laproscopy was done and adhesions were removed. She has been hospitalised with pain and intestinal blockage on two separate occasions since the laproscopy was done, but recovered without surgical intervention. She has been taking Ciza, VSL3, Neksium, Folic Acid and Cremaffin as prescribed by the gastroenterologist. The diagnosis of her last discharge summary reads - FUC of SAIO. Are the adhesions causing the frequent problem of intestinal blockage or a warped intestine?

A:I note that your daughter has had recurrent adhesions following initial surgery. This is unusual but does occur rarely. However, it does not follow that she will continue to get adhesions. After having said this it is necessary for her to be followed up by a gastroenterologist and if there is further recurrence of pain or alteration of her bowel habit she needs to be investigated for recurrent chronic peritoneal infections as well as for rare inflammatory conditions of the intestines like Crohn's disease. Seek your physicians' help.


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