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Why does my child watch the same movie again and again?

Q: My child is 7 years old. He is quite a normal child. His teachers think he is intelligent. But there is one thing I have noticed in him and that is inspite of having many children VCDs at home, all of which are his favourites, he prefers and continues to watch the same movie repeatedly. Not only it is the same movie but may be just one particular disc of the two parts of the same movie. But that doesn't mean that he likes listening to the same story when told to him by his grandparents. Even a story told long, long ago, he seems to recognise it easily. Is there anything wrong with my child when it comes to watching the same movie repeatedly?

A:Every little deviation from your expectation is not necessarily a problem. If you watch closely, you might find that your son has favourites that he picks for repeated playing. The best thing is to ask him why he sees the same movie, over and over again. You might get a simple answer! We all like some repetition. Children learn through that. If you want to change something he does, make a game of it. Add some fun and laughter. Do not treat the issue as a matter of control. Make sure the VCDs you have for him are suitable for his age and interests.


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