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Why does my child vomit after having milk feeds?

Q: My daughter is 22 days old. Her weight was 3.3 kgs when she was born. That has increased to 3.6 kgs now. Sometimes, after feeding (bottle) she vomits some milk. Once in a while the quantity that she vomits increases. She takes about 60 ml of milk per feed. Nature calls are routine. She if fit and fine but for the vomiting. We took her to the doctor and he says that it is ok, since her bowels are regular. Also, he says that she is having cold. In order to remove the phlegm, she has to either vomit or pass motion. He has given her some injections to reduce it. But it doesn't appear to have reduced. Could you please let me know on what can be done?

A:1. Vomiting: Your child's weight is ok, normal at this age is 20-30 gm/day after first 10 days. Newborn babies vomit when either they take milk more than is required or laxity of lower end of opening of food pipe in stomach. While feeding keep a watch over tummy, if it seems full stop feeding. Also after feeding place the baby at shoulder-head up for 10-15 minutes so that any air is brought out. After that make the baby lie down in a lateral position, left side up and right down for some time, this hastens in emptying the stomach, and avoids milk from going into the lungs in case of vomiting. For occasional vomiting- do not worry, if weight gain is normal. 2. Let me ask you why you have not breast fed your child, even if you are working, breast fed babies regulate their own intake, it is physiological, the best, and increases affection. Consult a paediatrician if you have problem with breast feeding, or let me know where you are placed. May be I can tell you where to contact. 3. With regard to nose block- it is common, you can put normal saline/nasoclear drops and the nose gets cleared. If there is fever, fast breathing >60/min or you feel he is having lot of pus like secretions-consult doctor to check for infection.


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