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Why does my child take so long to go to sleep?

Q: My Daughter is 2 years and 3 months old. She has a problem going to sleep. In fact it takes too long for us to put her to sleep. She never sleeps on her own at night. She is hyperactive and has learned to speak very fast; she can speak her mother tongue very well and sing most nursery rhymes. She can tell colours and shapes but doesn't understand the concept of sharing and is little scared of kids of the same age but takes very good care of young children and plays well with grown up kids. Can you what can be the problem, if any?

A:Your daughter seems to be a normal healthy and intelligent child. She is able to get along with other children, and the fact that she is more cautious with kids of her age is a natural phenomenon in some children. Regarding her sleeping patterns,perhaps you can try out the following: a) She does not take a long nap in the afternoon. b) There is gradual slowing down of activities in the household. c) Too much of late night TV viewing is discouraged. d) You try to soothe her and sing a lullaby or play some soft music at bedtime.


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