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Why does my child often get irritated?

Q: My 4 years old son is a hyperactive child. He is always in a irritable mood, does not look happy at all. Even if we approach him or go to him, he gets irritated. What should we do? Do we need to consult a psychologist?

A:Firstly, you must get a proper assessment of the problems by a qualified professional in your city. You could consult the school counsellor or a clinical psychologist at any major hospital. You need to know the exact nature of problem. You may feel your child is hyperactive, but it is wrong to jump to conclusions yourself. After assessment, you need to follow interventions, medical or psychological, as suggested by the expert(s). Until the needful is done, try encouraging desirable behaviours in the child, and model calm and pleasant behaviour yourselves as parents. Provide a calm, peaceful and structured environment at home. Avoid too much noise e.g. avoid having the television on loudly at all times. Try to avoid over-stimulating your child. Do not scold or interrupt the child too often. Praise him when he is not irritable. These small steps can help gradually.


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