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Why does my child not take breast milk and sleep on time?

Q: I delivered a baby boy 2 months ago. Since day 1 he refuses to be breast fed and the doctor came to a conclusion that since my nipples were very small he finds it difficult to suck and also my breast was not producing enough milk. So the doctor suggested lactogen. Whenever I try to breast feed him he starts crying so I shifted to the bottle. I want to know if my child will grow up to be healthy? What types of food should I eat so that my breast produces enough milk? My son does not sleep at night and stays awake till 5:00 am. Is this because of his diet and how can I put him to sleep early?

A:Many babies are totally bottle fed if their mothers do not produce milk. They grow perfectly normally so there is no reason why your child shouldn't. In order to produce more breast milk, I suggest you eat a normal diet, including all vegetables and fruits. You need to drink lots of water and get plenty of rest. Babies do cry at night. You need to check to see that nothing is causing discomfort and that the baby is not hungry or wet. Sometimes they cry because of wind. If the baby is not crying but just playing happily and staying awake there is very little you can do about it.


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