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Why does my child not finish any work on time?

Q: My son, 6 and a half years old, is very intelligent, learns everything very fast and is good in studies. However, he does not want to complete his work at the proper time. Like for example, he would eat breakfast very slow and we have to tell him multiple times that you would miss the school bus or would be late. Because of our telling him multiple times to finish his work fast, he gets irritated. How to make him understand the value of time and finish his work before time? Further, generally he is talkative. But if we tell him that you are not doing your work properly, or do it in this way etc., he feels bad but does not say a word to discuss and understand. If we try to explain something, he would not at all talk a single word to discuss and understand the matter. Please advise.

A:It appears that your son, aged 6 plus, has already become habituated to being reminded and persuaded to do things that are routine. This has to be changed, of course, but gradually. Getting him ready for school is time-bound, so you probably have to continue to make sure that he eats his breakfast. But for other meals, leave him at the table to finish his meal. He will find that there is no reward in dawdling over his food. Tell him that if he finishes his school work, you will have more time to play with him. GIVE HIM IMMEDIATE recognition or appreciation when he does something on time. Be conscious to spend time with him when it is just fun and not only a duty. Children are quite different from each other. You may find that his cousin or friend is quite compliant. You will just have to develop your best way of handling the problem. Don't nag him and give him the feeling that he has got control in the situation and that you are losing it. Ultimately, he will grow out of all his childish ways. But make him take responsibility for his own actions. Praise him when he does well.


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