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Why does my child get angry and violent?

Q: I am a 28-year-old housewife and mother of a 1.6-year-old girl. My daughter is quite sharp and understands whatever I, or others, say. She is quite friendly, too. But she is stubborn and wants to do whatever she feels. If I stop her, she gets angry, and hits or bites me. Sometimes she will also throw her toys on me, or whoever is near her. I have explained to her in many ways but she has not stopped. She always wants me to be with her all the time. She doesn't have many friends of her age nearby, except one with whom she doesn't play much, maybe because she is too small to play any games as such. She doesn't play with the toys at home. She only plays with them for a few minutes and throws them. She gets bored very easily. I don't know how to keep her occupied. Her behaviour annoys me a lot and I don't know how to bring her to proper track. Please advise me how to deal with my daughter.

A:At this age, children try and test their power. She is pushing to see how far she can go. You can indicate the limits. You must tell her that if she throws her toys at you, you will not play with her. She is too young to have friends, but she would be happy if there was an older child to play with her. You have to be firm with her. Even if she cries a little, she will get over it. Please, there should be no hitting at all. You can raise your voice and you can be stern. Give your child a lot of physical activity like running, playing with a ball and so on. She is probably tired of sitting around all the time.


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