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Why does my child develop redness around the eyes frequently?

Q: My four and a half-year-old child develops redness around left side of left eye retina frequently. This started from the age of 10 months. An eye specialist, suggested for montoux test which came positive (30 mm). Simultaneously he suggested toba DM eye drops. Her chest X-Ray is clear. A child specialist certified the case as primary complex (TB) and has suggested a course of monto rip kid for 6 months. There was no eye infection for about two to three years after using it, except once or twice in minor spans. She is suffering from the same problem from the past three months. Eye specialist says it is phlectin and suggested toba DM followed by FML drops and again toba DM. Another child specialist suggested for montoux test (positive - 30mm) and X-ray (clear). Child specialist suggested for a 6 month TB course. We have consulted various child specialists, ironically each doctor has a different opinion, some suggested to continue with the course and some suggested to stop the course. Eye specialists say that this will subside after the age of 12. Please advise.

A:Your child is suffering from hypersensitivity from tubercular antigens, which occurs in people who have been exposed to tubercular bacilli some time in their lifetime as your child had a primary complex. It does not require anti tubercular treatment if there is no evidence of active infection, which your paediatrician should be able to diagnose. The treatment is steroids locally into the eye or systemic i.e by mouth. The side effects need to be monitored, the treatment should be for a minimum of 6 weeks. You must see an eye specialist to rule out other lesions like scleritis or retinal/choroidal lesions related to this condition. This eye condition may either settle spontaneously or may recur; if it recurs similar treatment may have to be given again.


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