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Why does my child cry without any reason?

Q: My 3.5-year-old son becomes very adamant at times, and frequently starts crying without any specific reason. We try to pacify him by showing or giving sweets and other things, but he does not stop crying and gets angry. He likes to play, but not so much with other children. He starts pinching other children and also spits at times. When we get angry with him, he starts urinating there and then. Why does he cry and get angry so frequently without any reason? Also, how do we stop his urinating problem?

A:A child urinates in his pants only when he is very scared or anxious. It is clear that your shouting at him has not helped. Children cry only for a reason. Obviously, you have not been able to locate the reason. Please do not give sweets to stop him crying. Give him an activity that he enjoys, like building blocks or a ball. Maybe he has a health problem or does not get enough sleep. Make sure that his diet is nutritious, without spices and given regularly. Do not force him to play with others until he is ready to do so. Consult a Psychologist in person, if you are still finding it difficult to deal with your child.


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