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Why does my child cry for no reason?

Q: My 3.5 years old daughter often throws tantrums and cries for no apparent reason. When asked for the reason of crying, she does not even respond. According to her teacher, her behaviour and performance at the school are fine. However, at home it's different. When trying to teach her subjects like colour, she is unable to concentrate or remember whatever she is told. She is very attached to me, whenever we are out in public together she clings to me and refuses to interact with other kids and adults, but when she is out with other family members they claim that her behaviour is great. Kindly advise me how to deal with her.

A:It seems that your daughter feels your absence and wants you all to herself. If she cries a lot and cannot concentrate, she is disturbed about something. You will have to think, watch and find out why. Nothing that the child does is for no reason. It is up to you to find the reason for her distress. When you are away, is there a responsible caregiver? Just make sure that the child is not being harmed in any way.


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