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Why does my child complain of nausea in the mornings?

Q: For the past 2 weeks my son, 6 years old, has been complaining of nausea in the mornings. Whenever he has his breakfast around 0700 hours, he says he is having nausea. I have taken him to a child specialist who checked and gave him Ondem-4 for a day. He recommended tests like CBC, LFT, which were normal. He is having slight cold/cough for the last 2 weeks. During afternoons and nights, there is no problem. He was detected with adenoids last year, which are ok now. Can you please advise what can be reason for this nausea in the morning?

A:Does he also have early morning headaches or is he stressed to go to school especially if the nausea is happening only in the morning. How about holidays, does he have nausea also on holidays when he does not have to go to school. Otherwise it could be gastritis for which you are giving the right medicines, you may continue same for few more days and see the response.


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