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Why does my child beat other kids?

Q: My son is 1 year 8 months old. From the last 10-15 days he has developed a habit of beating other kids. Whenever we go to any public place or someone visits our home with kids, he starts beating them. We tried explaining him, scolding him but seems like he does it purposefully. Please suggest.

A:I think that a child of 1 year and 8 months is not likely to listen to an explanation. You must restrain him with a bit of strength and show him you mean business. Raising your voice and glaring at him might help. But you have to go to the roots of the problem. Maybe he is not getting enough exercise. Give him a chance to run a lot and let him use up his energy. Also, make sure that he does not have Cola drinks or fried foods bought outside. His TV watching hours must be controlled, as well as the programmes he is allowed to see. If all these home remedies do not work in the next six months, consult a Counsellor or Psychologist. Play music for him at home and let him move to the music.


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