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Why does my 11 month old not take any solids?

Q: I am a mother of an 11 months old baby. Her height is 73 cm and weight is around 7.9 kg. My daughter refuses any new food introduced to her. She does not take curd and fruits. She eats only soups and milk and no solids. I am afraid she will develop some deficiency like of calcium or Iron. What do I do?

A:If your child has milk and soups, she cannot develop deficiency. Milk and yoghurt are both sources of Calcium. Sometimes children prefer fruits that are mashed up. Your child is apparently healthy. Introduce all new foods gradually. Fruits can be given later on when she has a taste for them. Most children will share some adult food when they are eating. Make sure that the food you give your child is not over-spiced or too hard. Also, does she have teeth?


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