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Why does milk still ooze out from the breasts?

Q: I have breast-fed my son for 2 years. He is 6 years old now. But milk still oozes out of my nipples when the breast is squeezed. The problem has been there for a long time. Doctors advised me to take prolactin test, which is under limits. There is lot of pain in the breasts especially when touched. Is there any permanent remedy to stop the milk secretion and the pain? I was taking B-long tablets as per doctor's advice. Now I am taking Met Neurobian and Evion 400 tablets. I have varicose veins and at times there is a benign pain in the knees.

A:Milk secretions can persist for a long time after stopping breast-feeding. Since your prolactin levels are normal, this secretion of milk is acceptable. It would be worthwhile to know if you are taking certain medications like antidepressants or antihypertensives (medications for high blood pressure). If not then the treatment is to take milk suppression medications especially if you are very uncomfortable. Also you should minimize breast stimulation and avoid manual expression of milk. If there is no nipple stimulation milk secretion may stop on its own. Otherwise see your Obstetrician for milk suppressing drugs.


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