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Why does a kidney get rejected after the transplant?

Q: Why does a kidney get rejected after kidney transplantation?

A:The human body, each of them, is unique. Every time a kidney is transplanted, you are putting in a foreign body and the body rejects it, just as it would reject a thorn in your finger. The attempt all the time is to suppress this natural reaction of the body.

  • By choosing as close a relative to donate a kidney as possible. We look for as similar a genetic match as possible. The best donor recipient pair is identical twins. As you move away from closeness of a relative donor the greater the chances of rejection.
  • In spite of the best selection of a donor you still need powerful drugs to suppress the recipient’s immunity in order to suppress rejection artificially and in the process you subject the recipient to infection, as immunity is a great tool of survival. So a balance has to be maintained between the dosage of immune drugs and health of the patient.
Rejection is the law of life and we are playing with nature in a transplant.


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