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Why do repeated episodes of urinary tract infection occur?

Q: My daughter is 9 years old. She suffered from urinary tract infection (UTI) a few months back. She was able to recover with the administration of norflox. The routine urine test revealed plenty of WBC/pus cells. After a complete course of the medicine it came out to be nil. Recently, she developed the urge for urination in quick succession again. We gave her plenty of drinking water along with the medicine citralka. With this her repeated urge for urination was normalised. We went for another routine test which revealed that the WBC/pus cells were 8-10. The doctor gave her ofloxacin and citralka and her infection was cured. The doctor suggested for a sonography and MIC test. Are these tests required? Is the recurrence of infection unusual?

A:Sometimes urinary tract infection (UTI) tends to be recurrent. Though most of the times it gets cured without leaving any lasting damage. Occasionally, it may leave some damage to the kidney. Moreover, UTIs tend to be recurrent if there is some underlying disease of the kidney for example some congenital malformation, stones, etc. Therefore, it is better in these cases to evaluate the kidneys. Ultrasound examination and MCU are the two recommended tests for this and are recommended in the case your child. Also, you need to be vigilant for further episodes of UTI and get urine examination including a urine culture done as soon as your daughter gets symptoms suggestive of UTI.


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