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Why do my bone joints make clinking sounds?

Q: I am a 36 years old male experiencing clinking sounds in knee and other body joints. Last year in July, when I got up in morning I found that I could not bend my leg and had swelling in my right knee. Since the medications did not work out and the pain kept on increasing, the doctor put plaster on my full leg. After the plaster was taken off, the doctor took an MRI and declared that I have bone TB. Now, I have taken the complete course of treatment but still have problems while walking and sitting. What do I do?

A:From the information that you have provided, I seems that you are currently suffering from atrophy and weakness of the lower extremity due to prolonged immobilisation. The best way to deal with this at this present time would be aggressive physical therapy with stretching and strengthening exercises. Physical therapy of lower extremity will strengthen the muscles around the joints and will take off load from the joints and thereby, will lead to decrease in clicking sounds that you are hearing. If the clicking in the knees persists even after the course of physical therapy, an MRI of the knee would be the next way to go.


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