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Why do I urinate so frequently?

Q: I am a 25 years old male having problem of frequent urination. If I focus on some work then I do not have this problem but when I am not doing anything I get frequent urination. I got my blood and urine tested. Both are normal. Sometimes I feel burning sensation in my hands and foot and whenever I am nervous I get frequent urination. Please advise.

A:Frequent urination could be due to several reasons. It could be a problem with the bladder or the prostate. In someone your age, an inflammation of the prostate called prostatitis can present this way. You would need a prostate exam to confirm this diagnosis. Since your problems are exacerbated by loneliness and anxiety, I think it could be psychological as well. You could practice meditation and yoga when you are alone and see if things improve. I am unsure about the burning sensation in the hands and feet. It may or may not be related to the frequent urination. You could consult with a neurologist if the problem persists or gets worse.


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