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Why do I still have swelling after hernia operation?

Q: I was diagnosed with left groin - large inguinal hernia and underwent inguinal herniography. The discharge report states - Under SA; Inguinal incision; large inguinal hernia - Indirect sac; sac was dissected out, ligated, excised cord structures were ligated & divided; posterior wall plicated with 2-0 proline; Bassinis repair done with no. 1 proline haemostatis achieved; wound closed in layers; post procedure period - uneventful. Ever since the operation, I had a large swelling in my scrotal sac and testes. The doctor gave me medicines for a week. Now the swelling has reduced a bit and the pain has subsided, but the area is still swollen, and it is painful and uncomfortable while sitting. What is the reason for this? What action has to be taken?

A:After a hernia operation it is quite common to have a swelling in the scrotum. This swelling contains water, and may contain some blood if bleeding has occurred. This is a result of the peculiar anatomy of the region. The swelling resolves with time. I suggest that you wait for 2 weeks. However, stay in touch with your surgeon.


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