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Why do I pull my muscles so often?

Q: I am 57 years old and end up having muscle pulls very often. I bend over to stretch my hamstring and pulled it. I picked up a heavy bucket today and pulled the muscles in my forearm. Two years ago I was pushing a heavy object and tore a bicep muscle from my shoulder. I feel like all my connective tissues snap with exertion. When I was young and used to play sports I would end up pulling an occasional hamstring, more than often and hence realised my muscle type was such. It feels like I have some type of condition that affects my muscles and the connecting membrane. Is there any cause for this? Is there a treatment or therapy to help?

A:Honestly there are 100s of causes of generalised muscle weakness which includes many connective tissue disorder. At the age of 57 I would not go crazy about chasing each of these. Even if we were able to pin point a particular disorder/syndrome the treatment essentially is basically prophylaxis. I would suggest you to join a Gym and basically do stretching and strengthening exercises of Upper and Lower Extremity group of muscles. Also, before starting any strenuous thing like jogging and skating please do some warm up exercises for at least 15-20 minutes.


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