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Why do I not have regular bowels?

Q: I have been having problems with my stomach for some years now but it has become worse over the last one year and has started impacting on my daily personal and professional life. The problem is that I am unable to pass clear motion in the morning. There is a lot of gas that gets accumulated inside it throughout the day which I think results in the problem. Due to this I feel sleepy the whole day, have to struggle to wake-up early, feel tired with pain in the body, eyes remain yellow with burning sensation, lost interest in whatever I do, constant headache and swelling around the eyes. I have tried different forms of medicines earlier including allopathic, homeopathic and ayurvedic but nothing seemed to have worked. Can you advise me what to do? If there is any specialist treatment that I can avail?

A:Your symptoms are suggestive of an irritable bowel with predominant bloating. You will need to get a specialist Gastroenterologists opinion regarding some basic investigations to make sure that there is nothing else that might be responsible, but my advice to you with regard to interim management is to avoid fried foods, spicy foods, too much of tea and coffee, onions and garlic, cabbage and cauliflower. If there is any stress or depression, this will need to be treated, and after investigations, your doctor may start you on some medications for the bowels, and also ask you to increase your fiber intake. Hope this information helps you while you try and arrange an appointment with a Gastroenterologist.


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