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Why do I have urinary urgency despite taking medicine?

Q: I am a 59 years old diabetic male. I have recently been diagnosed with prostate enlargement. My doctor prescribed me a FROTAL tablet that is to be taken before going to the bed. I am taking the medicine but feel it is not working effectively because I have to urinate twice or thrice. Is there any other effective medicine? I do not want to undergo surgery.

A:It is important to evaluate the urinary symptomatology while treating male urinary problems. Your description of "twice" or "thrice" urination is insufficient to make any estimate of your problems. It is more important in your case since your symptoms have apparently not improved despite medications. Bladder changes secondary to diabetes may also cause urinary symptoms similar to prostate, and may require different kind of treatment. It is, thus, important for you to seek Urological opinion with present account of non-response to prescribed medications for a fresh evaluation.


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