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Why do I have scrotal discomfort?

Q: For the last one month, I have been suffering from scrotal discomfort. I have consulted a urologist. The ultrasound reports are normal. According to the doctor, I'm OK and will feel better after some time. In the night I feel uneasy, while in the early morning I feel perfectly normal. Please tell me what exactly is my problem. Can it be solved?

A:The description of the scrotal discomfort provided is vague and insufficient to find a reason. However, a normal ultrasound study does rule out lots of causes. Scrotal pain, or orchalgia as we call it, in young males is not an uncommon problem. The common local causes are abdominal exertion (gyms and abdominal exercises without supervision), local trauma, and local pathologies like varicocoele and hernia. Most of these are likely to affect more during standing up and soon after exertion. Other causes could be far from the site and are referred pains, like a ureteral stone, a bladder stone or any prostatic inflammation like prostatitis. On many occasions one may fail to find a cause, and just the reassurance that there is nothing serious works to resolve the problem in the patient.


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