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Why do I have persistent nose blockage?

Q: I am a 63 years old male having blocked nose and congestion for the last month. I also have frequent bouts of sneezing accompanied with running nose and watery eyes especially when the air conditioner is on. My nasal passages are generally dry. I feel drowsy and tired for some time. On checking my blood pressure, I find it to be lower than my usual values. My BP is usually between 120 and 130/80 mmHg but for the last three days the readings show between 111-115/71-77 mmHg. I am a diabetic (taking Metformin 500 mg daily) and also have hypothyroidism. I take Thyroxin 600 mcg per week. Is my low BP related to my nose problem? Please advise.

A:Your nose related symptoms i.e. nasal blockage, watery discharge and sneezing are suggestive of allergy. You need a thorough ENT examination and if no other local pathology is found then you can be put on treatment for allergy. There are two aspects of allergy management. If blockage is predominant then local nasal steroid sprays are helpful. Nasal steroids can be safely given, as there is minimal absorption into blood. In diabetics and hypertensives regular sugar and BP monitoring is advisable. For mild allergic symptoms with predominant sneezing and running nose anti-allergic tablets are helpful. Dryness in the nose can be reduced by saline nasal drops/ spray with application of oil in the nose. There is no relation of sinus symptoms with the BP however many patients of allergy complain of generalised lethargy.


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