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Why do I have pain in my penis?

Q: I am 31 years old married male. For past three months I am having off and on pain in my penis. This usually comes when I strain while moving bowels. If I don’t strain, then I won’t have any pain. The pain is in the left centre point of penis, in the size of a shirt button. The pain is not that much but it is quite uncomfortable. It continues for 5 to 6 hours and it returns again when I strain while defecating. I feel the root cause for this problem is - once I masturbated, there was a pain for two to three days. From then I am experiencing this problem frequently. There is no problem at the time of intercourse. After penetration if I touch the particular place, I can feel the affected area with little pain.

A:Localised pain at a point in your penis, as you describe, is more likely to occur due to local inflammatory conditions. Inflammation may occur in any of the penile coverings, local boils in the skin covering, thrombophlebitis in the veins underneath the skin, or inflammatory conditions of inner coverings like Bucks fascia (Peyronies disease). All of these are more likely to bother you during erections, and you may feel comfortable at detumescent state. The origin of this pain with an episode of masturbation also makes a traumatic etiology likely, when a small haematoma in the inner layers may give you discomfort for some time. Association of this discomfort with straining to pass stools makes the story weird, as such discomfort is usually seen with chronic prostatitis and perianal conditions, but the discomfort is not expected to be localised to a coin size in penis as described by you, and is more of perineal or pelvic discomfort. I am sure a urologist will be able to discern it after examination and necessary investigations.


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