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Why do I have itchy and dry palms?

Q: I feel a itchy dryness in my palms and feet after washing my hands. It makes the hands very dry and I do not feel like using them for picking anything. The dryness comes very often in the mornings after I have beer in the night or any heavy food. Is it just the dryness or less hydration or could it be a skin disease or digestion problem?

A:I suspect your problem of dryness of palms and soles is simply that and has no relationship to your digestive tract. Many people have dry palms and soles either because of genetic factors or environmental causes such as contact with harsh detergents. I do not know if you have always had it or it is a recent occurrence. The simplest treatment would be to soak your palms and soles in plain water and while still moist apply vaseline or any moisturiser of your choice.


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